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The JE Dunn Austin and Houston offices recently started a new initiative called Leadership Safety Walks to ensure vice presidents are visibly committed, and project executives and general superintendents are actively involved.

With this, Vice Presidents Chris Szeliga and Patrick Dennis designate a time to visit all current projects for their respective offices, where all the projects’ leadership staff – including vice presidents, project executives, and general superintendents – are expected to attend. Regional leadership (Marc Hutson and Mitch Layton) attends these safety-focused walks as well.

Upon arriving at the project, the leadership and project team go out and perform a safety walk on site. During the safety walk, the focus is on behaviors, compliance, and positive recognition.

The only topic that can be discussed is SAFETY. No other topic is allowed to be discussed during the walks. All previous safety issues (from past safety walks or incidents) should no longer be present. After the site has been evaluated, a summary meeting is held to highlight positives and address opportunities for improvement.

In Austin, a Safety Champions “Golden Hard Hat” award is given to the most deserving project of the day. The project name and leads are engraved on the plaque, and the whole job site gets a safety lunch for exemplary safety performance.