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Arizona State Prison Complex (ASPC) Lewis Expansion
This project for the Arizona Department of Corrections is located in Buckeye, Arizona, within the existing ASPC Lewis Facility and consists of two, new housing wings and two, new support buildings. The 115,650 SF project includes three wing clusters with 16, two-story pods, a single-story intake area and a single-story wing control/visitation area. The project includes 416 cells and 500 beds.
The project team put prefabrication in action to construct the cell modules. The production of these modules occurred on-site, casting three units per day. Concurrently, multi-trade prefabrication of the cell chases and plenum MEP equipment occurred off-site. The cell chase equipment was delivered to the job site completed for installation into the cell modules at the casting yard, prior to module placement.
The cell module interiors were finished out while at the casting yard with epoxy paint, lighting, furniture, and lavatory units. By mid-February 2014, cell module erection had begun which then allowed for the prefabricated horizontal plenum equipment to be delivered and installed within a few days of erection. The implementation of prefabrication on this project not only allowed the team to stay on target for October 2014 substantial completion, but has also saved JE Dunn, the Arizona Department of Corrections, and subcontractors valuable resources and money.