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GSA National Archives and Records Administration at Union Station

The GSA National Archives and Records Administration consisted of historic renovation of a three-story, 28,010-square-foot, cast-in-place and concrete encased steel structure as well as the addition of a 9,795-square-foot structural precast archive storage area.

Exterior renovation of the existing structure, built circa 1915, included the installation of historic replica aluminum clad wood windows and wood freight doors. The existing concrete facade was structurally repaired and restored, similar to the original construction. The original roofing material was removed  and the unsound and spalling concrete roof deck was replaced to install a new ballasted EPDM roofing membrane.

Interior renovations included the addition of three stair shafts and one-holed hydraulic elevator. Openings were cut in the existing first and second level structural slabs to receive the vertical transportation members. New mechanical systems included the addition of three AHU’s with individual Fan Terminal Units. Chilled water for these systems was supplied by the existing chilled water plant and Union Station.