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Leon Mercer Jordan Campus - East Patrol and Crime Lab Campus

Leon Mercer Jordan Campus - East Patrol and Crime Lab Campus

The City of Kansas City East Patrol and Crime Lab Project consists of the following four buildings on one stretch of property: 65,000 SF, 2-story Crime Lab, 23,000 SF Patrol Station, 26,000 SF Multi-Purpose Building, and 24,000 SF Evidence Warehouse. The Crime Lab includes administrative departments, building/technical support, chemistry lab, crime scene lab, DEA lab, digital forensics lab, DVA/trace evidence lab, evidence intake, fire arms lab, latent and ten prints lab.

The Patrol Station includes a detention area of 3-4 cells, sally port, Kevlar, roll call room, firearm storage, evidence processing, property crimes, and administrative area. The Multi-Purpose Building includes a community center environment with gymnasium/basketball courts, weightlifting/cardio/training room, locker rooms for use of the community, Police and Crime Lab staff. The Evidence Warehouse is state-of-the-art with digital stacks and inventory system. Parking options include surface lots with gates, and security around the patrol cars. Security measures are in effect in each building.