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Pearland Public Safety Building

The 79,000-square-foot, two-story design-build project is a multi-purpose building consisting of a 29-bed jail, two courtrooms and houses the offices the Police Department, 911 Dispatch, Utility Billing and the County Tax Office.

The City of Pearland required that the project be LEED Certified, however the project team was able to exceed the City’s mandate and the project was able to earn LEED Silver certification. During construction, the waste service company sorted all recyclable material, totaling over 85 percent of all trash used during construction. In addition to recyclable debris from construction, a total of 39 percent material used on the project consisted of recyclable material.

The completion of the Pearland Public Safety Building is a very important milestone for the City of Pearland. Not only does the building house five different City and County operations, it also is a hardened building that can withstand 145 MPH wind gusts and has 95 percent of the building on emergency power. In the event of a hurricane this building will be used as a command center for the city.